A Final Taste

A Final Taste


Here is a final taste before I make one more quick pass and upload this mess of a PDF to the online retailers. Hand made hard copies may soon be available here…

And so it begins

The Scholar will spend most of the day in their room pouring over notes regarding their present research,coming down to the common room in the late afternoon for the evening meal.

The Former Soldier is busy repairing a merchant’s wagon throughout the afternoon and if not interrupted sooner will continue to work until the Pagan arrives just before dusk.

The Inquisitor will arrive in the mid afternoon and, if not interrupted, will seek to rent a room, bathe, and change clothes before returning to the common room to attempt to speak to the Scholar during the evening meal.

The Pagan will arrive just before dusk, seek out their cousin the Former Soldier, and attempt to be introduced to the Scholar.

It is likely that the interaction between the Scholar’s pride, the Inquisitor’s suspicion and shared history with the Pagan will produce a great deal of tension, if not outright conflict. When that tension seems to be reaching its peak, but before a physical altercation can begin, our antagonist will make an appearance

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