Hello, my name is Jason and I’m a Dice Addict. (I’m also an Alcoholic, but that’s a story for another time.) If you don’t find yourself sufficiently tired of me after spending some time here, I also produce a more or less steady stream of nonsense from my Google + account… Some of which is even gaming related.

DiceAddict.com is the home of my gaming blog, where I intend to review cool things produced by others and also share my Incredibly Valuable™ opinions on gaming adjacent topics. It is also the primary home of Dice Addict Games where I’ll try to convince you to take a look at the (hopefully also cool) things I am producing.

Dice Addict Games is an experimental, independent, analog game publishing endeavor consisting, at this point of myself, the editorial talents of my lovely wife, and whatever productive ways I can manage to vilote child labor laws by pressing my seven nerdspawn into service.