Another Blog In The Roll

Another Blog In The Roll


Christopher Stogdill‘s blog does precisely what it says on the tin. Frugal GM is an excellent, continually updated collection of links to and reviews of budget conscious RPG materials.

While the author’s preferences and thus the blog’s contents seem to skew somewhat toward the OSR end of the gaming spectrum, a little sifting will almost surely turn up a few free or at least reasonably priced treasures to suit nearly any taste.

The only downside I have discovered at Frugal GM is the one posed by any well stocked Five & Dime, it’s often altogether too easy to find twenty or thirty things which are terribly hard to pass up for only one dollar

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  1. I try….
    I do tend to work with OSRish material because then I don’t have to worry about licenses (for the most part) and because there is often some guide or guidance for converting to a system/game of choice.

    If everything followed my personal usage it’d all be HackMaster (current/5th Edition)

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