Another note for the record 

Another note for the record 

This is just another note regarding the continued adventures of my first “published” adventure, which I’m documenting here partially for my own records and partially because I wished that some other nameless hack had already done so. (There are some excellent “transparency” and “production journal” type posts, but most of them are by relatively large companies or well-known designers, and therefore seemed less helpful to me when I was first contemplating doing this.)

Anyhow, They Met In A Tavern is now available in PDF for $1.00 from both Tabletop Library as well as directly from the Dice Addict Games Shop.

Anyone wishing to grab it for free (or for some reason wishing to help me feed my midget army by paying more) can still pick it up as a PWYW product from DriveThruRPG or the other OneBookShelf sites.

I’ll post an update regarding my experience with these various sales venues once I’ve had a chance to see how they work out.

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