Dark Albion, Part 1

Dark Albion, Part 1


If you’ve been involved, even peripherally, with the online RPG community, you’ve no doubt heard of the author of this book… and if you haven’t it is certainly not for lack of effort on his part. As well as his own eponymous blog, he maintains one of the largest RPGcentric forums currently active.

The RPGPundit is something like the RPG Blogger equivalent of a drive time AM radio political talk show host. He is, intentionally I think, bombastic, needlessly confrontational, and overly fond of hyperbole. I often disagree with his opinions, and even more regularly with his delivery.

That being said, while I think Pundit can often be a bit of an insufferable arse, he is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a hack. When he writes about projects he is working on, (which are of universally high quality) or things by others which he actually likes, he can be insightful and witty while radiating his obvious love of the hobby.

As I did when reviewing Mobile Frame Zero, I’m going to break this into two parts due to time constraints. Also, as with that review, while I’m going to save the meat of  my specific thoughts regarding the book for the second part, I’ll go ahead and spoil the suspense right now by telling you that I wholeheartedly recommend purchasing Dark Albion if you enjoy OSR gaming, historical settings, or if you’ve ever suspected France was actually run by chaos spawned anthropomorphic frogs…

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