For the record

For the record


I already shared this info via social media, but I thought I’d post it here for the record.

Of the various PDF vendors, OneBookShelf is the only one which has thus far approved my account. I will share my experience with Tabletop Library, Warehouse 23, and the others as it becomes available.

So, one week in. First product on OneBookShelf. Unknown author and publisher. No advertising beyond yapping about it on social media. PWYW with a $1.00 recommend.

129 people took the time to download, for which I am very grateful. 16 of them chose to drop a total of $19.95 in the tip jar, extra gratitude for these folks.

This feels pretty successful to me. I am, however curious how other people’s first projects have fared in similar situations.

(On a related note, the print versions I’m selling here are doing well.)

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