PG 13 Podcasting

PG 13 Podcasting

Jon and Jef, if they are, despite the identical sound of their voices, indeed two different people, are not only the international representatives of the Cheese Dudes chain of family eateries,

world renowned movie critics,

and the writers of the critically acclaimed Duckman RPG

they also host the System Mastery Podcast. This bit of decidedly PG 13 Podcasting is one of the most amusing RPG focused podcasts currently in production. They focus on reviewing “bad old games,” as recommended by listeners and although I occasionally disagree with what they classify as “bad” and I definitely have somewhat different opinions regarding the relative merits of the two most recent editions of the UR-RPG, I have yet to fail to be entertained, often to the point of actually laughing out loud, causing my co-workers additional worry about my mental stability.

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