Resources & Retroclones

Resources & Retroclones


So far I’ve posted links to some other blogs and some podcasts, this week I thought I’d share an interesting resource from the internet which doesn’t quite fit in either category.

If you have ever felt the need to grab any version of the Ur-Game, dissect it, and creatively stitched the resultant assemblage of game viscera back together in such a fashion as to better suit your play style or game world, I recommend that you have a look at Taxidermic Owlbear first. You might find that if someone hasn’t done all the work for you, they may have at least made a good start.

People have been typing up their kitbashed, heavily house-ruled variants of D&D about as long as I’ve been alive and since the advent of the OGL, they have found ways to legally publish and sometimes even sell them.That’s where Taxidermic Owlbear comes in, amongst the various items of interest one can find on the website is probably the most complete list I’ve seen anywhere of retroclones, hacks, and new games based on one or more versions of the seminal fantasy RPG. They are organized by which edition of D&D they most resemble (I guess the 4e derived games are ‘retroclones’ now) and include links to, as well as brief descriptions of the games.

I think it’s worth a look even if you have no interest in actually playing any sort of Dungeons & Derivatives because such self imposed constraint often produces really interesting creative work or perhaps just to marvel at the sheer volume of Ludo-Taxidermy on display.

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