Roll & Review, Part Deux

Roll & Review, Part Deux


The Gameable x Podcast

Another brief capsule review, this time of a podcast I think you might find worth your time.

The Gameable (it started it’s life as Disney, is currently Pixar, and seems likely to become Saturday Morning) Podcast is a, usually weekly, discussion of the relative merits of, so far at least, animated features, and how elements of them can be adapted for tabletop roleplaying use.

The hosts Katrina Ehrnman-Newton and her now husband Kristopher Newton (who wrote the successfully Kickstarted, and rather interesting RPG Feed) are insightful, witty, and (clearly) have great chemistry.

Although I’ve personally never so much as considered running a Disney or Pixar based game, I’ve nonetheless gotten some interesting ideas which did reach the table (not to mention some entertainment) from listening. Also, I am frankly rather exited for the Saturday Morning iteration of the podcast to hit, as I have and probably will again run some Thundarr, M.A.S.K., and Transformers inspired games.

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