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Roll & Review


One of the stated goals of this blog is to highlight and review excellent games and gaming related content.

Fortunately, in this regard at least, we live in something of a golden age. There is an abundance of good stuff available, some of the very best of which is freely offered as blog articles and podcasts.

In order to call out some of this great content I am setting up a “blog roll” of podcasts and blogs which I enjoy and think you might also. As a means of accomplishing the second part of the above goal, when I add a new link I will also post a brief capsule review.

So without further ado, here are the first four;

The Die Heart RPG Blog – This is the place where Sophia Brandt writes “Articles about pen & paper roleplaying games!” She says, “I mostly like rules-lite and/or narrative games and dabble in solo roleplaying. I love the OSR, too!” Basically, she’s doing what I do here, arguably doing it better, and in more than one language. What are you still doing here, go check it out.

Yore – This is where you’ll presently find the gaming related thoughts of Martin Ralya, founder of Gnome Stew, head of Engine Publishing, and relatively prolific freelance writer. As well as being another blog the quality of which is aspire to emulate here, it is also the home of one of my favorite lists of things to buy on Lulu.

Ken and Robin Talk Talk About Stuff – I probably don’t need to tell you about KARTAS or why you should be listening, but just in case, here are a few reasons;

1 – It’s Kennth Hite talking about alternate history and occult weirdness.

2 – It’s won all the awards… some of them repeatedly.

3 – It’s Robin Laws talking about experimental system ideas and narrative techniques.

4 – Something talked about here is likely going to get mentioned on at least half the other RPG podcasts you listen to.

5 – It’s Ken Hite and Robin Laws talking about everything from writing and time travel to food and movies with an eye towards the gameable.

Gaming and BS – If I could only listen to one RPG podcast, it would be KARTAS. (Sorry guys.) But this weekly, often rambling, conversation between Brett B. and Sean P Kelley would be a very close second. They manage to thoroughly cover a broad range of topics while maintaining the atmosphere of a couple of old gaming buddies setting around the table chatting, a combination I find extremely listenable.

Future Roll & Review entries will likely be shorter as I add one or two links at a time. If there are blogs or podcasts which you think I should consider for inclusion, please let me know.

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