The Cast (WiP)

The Cast (WiP)


Introducing the cast

(They Met In A Tavern)

Since this scenario is mainly intended for one-shot use and set in no particular setting, the four characters primarily involved are herein left unnamed and non-gendered to be more easily made to fit the preferences of the players or the requirements of the world.

The Scholar

Presently a resident at The Merchant’s Rest while studying a nearby monolithic ruin, you are a well-known alchemist, linguist and expert on matters involving the occult. You are tolerated by both the nobility and the religious authorities due to your willingness to lend a hand when such expertise is needed. Recently however rumors have begun to circulate that your present researches may be less than wholesome and you have been told that the Inquisitor has been dispatched to look into the matter.

Level 4 Conjurer

STR 8 DEX 12 CON 10

WIS 11 INT 16 CHR 13

HP 14


ATTACK DAMAGE 1d4 (Silver Ritual Blade)/1 (Unarmed or Improvising)


1st 3

2nd 2


1st Charm, Detect Magic, Light, Shield

2nd Web, Levitate

You have far too many valuable research materials and the like in your rented rooms to leave behind for any reason short of a life threatening situation.

The Former Soldier

You spent several years fighting for a local lord in one of the wars of religion which had recently troubled the region. When the wars ended, being somewhat disenchanted with both the nobility and the clergy, you took up a position with The Merchant’s Rest. When your younger cousin, the Pagan asked for help with disposing of a troubling Artifact, you informed them of the Scholar’s presence at the inn

Level 4 Warrior

STR 16 DEX 11 CON 13

WIS 12 INT 10 CHR 8

HP 26


ATTACK DAMAGE 1d8 (Fine Sword)/1d6 (Unarmed or Improvising)

You have a chain hauberk, a crossbow, and a large shield in your room above the stable, but unless given a good reason will only be wearing a quilted gambeson.

The Inquisitor

Having joined a militant religious order at a young age you have served against the enemies of the faith on battlefields across much of the known world. With the lull in larger conflicts, the religious authorities have once again turned their attention to rooting out internal problems and so you have been sent back to an area where you once before arrested a group of apostates, to discern whether the Scholar yet remains a friend of the faith.

Level 4 Cleric

STR 13 DEX 8 CON 11

WIS 16 INT 10 CHR 12

HP 22


ATTACK DAMAGE 1d6 (Blessed Mace)/1d4 (Unarmed or Improvising)


1st 2

2nd 2


1st Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil

2nd Bless, Silence

You will be wearing chain mail and carrying a large shield upon arrival, but if not interrupted will likely rent a room and stow those items in favor of a religious habit before attempting to meet with the Scholar.

The Pagan

A younger cousin of the Retired Soldier, you remained at home during the recent wars of religion and, always a rebel, were convinced by a charismatic adherent of the ‘old faith’ to leave behind the rites of your family. A few years ago, several members of your religious group were arrested by the Inquisitor. You were able to remain hidden during the arrest and later used your skills to help the others escape before they faced trial. Recently the leader of your sect became obsessed with a certain Artifact of the ‘old faith’ which you were able to retrieve from a Bishop’s private vault. After the Artifact was acquired, the formerly calm, nature focused worship of your community has taken a dark turn and your leader has began preaching about the need for human sacrifice to cleanse the land of the taint of the new faith. When you confided in your cousin about your situation, the Retired Soldier told you of a Scholar who was staying at The Merchant’s Rest who might be able to help, so you reacquired the Artifact and headed to the inn.

Level 4 Thief

STR 11 DEX 16 CON 10

WIS 13 INT 8 CHR 12

HP 18


ATTACK DAMAGE 1d6 (Short sword or bow)/1d4 (Unarmed or Improvising)

You will arrive at the inn wearing leather armor and carrying a small shield. While you might be convinced to leave your shield and bow in a room, you are unlikely to doff your armor or part with your sword until the Artifact has been satisfactorily dealt with.



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