They Met In A Tavern

They Met In A Tavern


As part of the process of preparing to release my first major RPG project I feel as though I ought to acquire some first had knowledge regarding the workings of the various online storefronts. To that end I’ll be uploading “They Met In A Tavern” to OBS, Lulu, and the rest of the usual suspects this coming weekend.

They Met In A Tavern (TMIAT hereafter, to minimize the risk of carpal tunnel) is a single location-based scenario along with four pre-generated characters that can be played out in a few hours. Suggestions will also be included for Incorporating the events and characters described into an ongoing campaign.

I’ve run this scenario at cons and game nights several times over the years using a variety of systems including GURPS, WARP, RISUS, and the good old B/X edition of Dave and Gary’s venerable fantasy game. For TMIAT’s début as a “published” product, rather than a scrawled sheet of quasi-legible notes, I intend to stat it for use with David Black’s excellent The Black Hack both because the rules light, quick playing nature of the game fit well with the scenario and because the stats used will likely be familiar enough to most GMs that they can easily convert them to their own preferred system.
This will be a PWYW release where the vendor allows and minimally priced elsewhere. I’ll post more information regarding the scenario and where you can grab a copy in the coming days.

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