Wildlands & Wyrms

Wildlands & Wyrms

While a release is still a ways down the road, I thought I would share a little more information regarding what will likely be our next release. Wildlands & Wyrms (tentative working title) will use the Wanton Role-Playing (WaRP) System modified (especially in terms of character generation) to serve the tropes of the archaic editions of the Ur-RPG.

The basic game will consist of three booklets of between thirty and fourty pages each. The tentative titles will be:

  1. Freebooters & Fringe Powers
  2. Beasts & Baubles 
  3. Barrows & Badlands 

The type of contents in each booklet will likely be predictable.

The rules modifications have been used in play at my table for some time now, and the writing is mostly complete. While amateurish layout somewhat fits the aesthetic of the project, I’d like to have someone provide a bit of editing and mayhap be able to toss a bit of cash at an artist, so we are considering running a very small Kickstarter campaign (a process which would also give us some much needed insight into the crowd funding process for the larger project we have planned.)

We welcome any suggestions or input.

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